Below are the most frequently asked questions we get. If anything is still unclear after looking at these then please get in touch. Contact details are found on the contacts page.

Q: What is your delivery policy?

A: We aim to deliver as soon as we possibly can. All artworks and merchandise are stored with our shipping partner to minimise the time from you order it to holding it in your hands. 

We ship out of the United Kingdom. Depending on location you should expect delivery within:

  1. United Kingdom - 4 days
  2. Other European countries - 2 weeks
  3. United States - 3 weeks
  4. Asia - 3 weeks

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. If you for any reason want to return the artwork during the first 30 days after it arrived then simply wrap it back up and ship it to our return address found below.

We will refund you any reasonable shipping cost if you drop us an email with proof of posting and the amount it cost.

Q: How are Open Edition prints different to Limited Edition prints?

A: Open Edition Prints do not have any limits on how many we will print and sell and you might therefore find that you and 50 million others have the exact same print hanging in your living room.

If you buy a Limited Edition print you belong to an exclusive club as we only print and sell a limited amount of these. Each print is numbered and how many prints we reproduce of each image will be specified in the description on our website and on the certificate you receive with the print.

Q: What is your return address?

A: You can return any unwanted goods to:

Volung Limited
Unit 4869
UK Postbox - Courier Point
13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road
Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FH
United Kingdom

Q: What if I don't want the frame that comes with the artwork?

A: We store all our artworks pre-packed with our shipping partner to speed up the delivery. We can therefore not add or remove frames.

You can easily remove the frame and replace it with your own at home or let your local framing shop do this for you.

Q: What if the artwork I want does not come with a frame?

A: We store all our artworks pre-packed with our shipping partner to speed up the delivery. We can therefore not add or remove frames. 

e suggest you go to your local  framing shop with the artwork to find a frame that suits you and the artwork.

Q: Do I have to pay any import taxes?

A: UK and EU orders will not be charged any import taxes. Those outside of these territories will have to check with their local customs department.

Q: Is there a Sales tax/VAT?

A: We are not currently VAT registered and we therefore do not charge VAT (Sales Tax). This also means that we cannot issue a valid VAT receipt.